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What is erbcare?

erbcare is a membership community that cares about personal health. With erbcare you get access to trained clinical herbalists and custom formulations at a wholesale price. Sign up for erbcare today and join us.

Who is using erbcare?

Richard had stomach pains with bloating and diarrhea. His doctor scheduled an endoscopy to better see what was happening.

In the meantime, Richard started with erbcare. He prescribed herbs to improve metabolism and reduce the impacts of stress.

Although the endoscopy is forthecoming, Richard is finding that his stomach pains and bowel issues have become much less frequent. He is hopeful for a positive outcome and feels better able to cope with the furture.

Feeling Pressured

Virginia’s energy was down, aches and pains were increasing, her limbs felt heavy, and she was sometimes incontinent.

After visiting her doctor, it was a relief to discover that her tests were normal, but she still didn’t feel right.

Virginia began erbcare to slow down aging. With precise questions, her erbcare practitioner saw that her body had become dry and malnourished.

With specific herbs, Virginia regained a feeling of youth and her issues improved. Her hair, skin and outlook improved, too.

Regaining Some Youth

Brianna was struggling with sleepHer doctor prescribed a Benzodiazepine  but warned her not to take it for more than a couple of weeks at a time.

After contacting erbcare, Brianna’s practitioner learned that she had been having heavy periods for years.
He began her on herbs to supplement and nourish 
due to blood loss.

Within a week her sleep improved. She continues these herbs to nourish her bodyUntil her vitality was restored, Brianna hadn’t realizethat her body needed supplementation.

An Unexpected Deficiency

Is erbcare right for me?

It's flexible.

You receive individual care when signing up. We ask good questions and look for underlying root issues. Each herbal remedy is a custom preparation that we adapt to your needs and the specifics of your body.

It's effective.

We combine a vast herbal tradition with years of clinical experience to deliver care that works. Most individuals will notice improvement within a few days of beginning their herbs. Custom compounded herbal formulas are head-and-feet above standardized products that you find on the shelf.

It's continuous.

We help you stay on track with your health goals. Herbs can be delivered to you as needed. They are custom designed, and so you can have the positive feeling of assurance that comes from taking something suited to your individual needs. If ever something new comes up, it is easy to schedule a consultation and get adjustments to what you are taking. This process is a way to wellness.


“Since I practiced as a doctor for 20 years, I am quite picky about who I work with. I can safely say that Jesse is a credit to the profession.” — GK

“Jesse has made herbal formulas for me. They have always been effective. If Medicare paid for his services, I would be talking with him every week.” — JG

“When I first saw Jesse, my life had become very stressful, my bowels became abnormal, and I was having hot flashes both day and night. I am happy to say that I am no longer having these problems. Jesse is very professional and knowledgeable in his field, and his gentle but persuasive manner makes him an excellent practitioner. I am telling my friends about Jesse and recommend him very highly.” — LH

“First he asks you lots of questions to find out what’s going on. Then he writes things down and thinks about you, deciding how to work with you. Then, at some point, he makes you an herbal formula that gives your body exactly what it needs.” — IF

“I started seeing Jesse when I was in terrible shape. You said at the time that I should explore all options out there and let you know what I found. I have found that traditional herbs, prescribed by Jesse Hoover, have been particularly beneficial. I have been seeing Jesse for a whole year, and I have to say that without the herbs, I am afraid that I would feel a whole lot worse than I do now. I know that you have an open mind with regards to alternative therapies. You had concerns about herbs interacting with my prescriptions. As I have had a very positive outcome, I think it would be hard to fault the herbs in any way. On the contrary, I have made astonishing progress.” — CL (from a letter to her doctor)

“I have used alternative and modern medicines for many years. Jesse’s approach and his knowledge of herbs have helped me to be healthier and better in a short amount of time. His understanding of the body and the way it works has been most helpful. I am deeply grateful for Jesse’s expertise with herbs, his kindness and consistency in handling my health problems. His attitude and practitioner-patient relationship is professional, and I feel totally safe in his care. He is willing to show information and encourages questions.” — KH

“I am a 70 year old female. I think due to the image I had of myself, that I could move mountains, these “duties” of lifting eventually limited me to a certain extent. Now I am on one of Jesse’s “magic formulas” and feeling better and doing more again.” — RS

“I brought many issues before Jesse. He sat down with me and asked me many questions. With these questions he came across as very patient and very knowledgeable in his field. Many of my issues have subsided and herbs have helped me to heal. I have recommended Jesse to friends and family, and I will continue to recommend him. I do come back when needed, for I believe in the tradition and the trust and care Jesse shows.” — MG

“I didn’t expect Jesse to be so good.” — FG

“What Jesse does is an honor. It is an honor to work with people the way that he does.” — JT

“As a Native American, I’ve met a lot of people who want to be healers, but most don’t have what it takes. Jesse knows his craft, and he is a healer.” — SR

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