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How do my online herbal consultations work?

Your personal erbcare coach will guide you through our program. We match you with a specialist for each service. erbcare herbalists trained at the Vermont Center of Integrative Herbalism – a three year clinical program.
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Dr Ellen

Dr Ellen

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Mindfulness Guidance
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We help with these health concerns

General Well-being, Digestive Issues, Sleep Issues, Stress and Bunout, Weight Loss, Discomfort and Aches, Attention and Focus, Stamina, Physical Performance

Who is using erbcare?

Peter knows he might become a candidate for blood-pressure lowering medication. He wants find a healthier life-style. Peter and his doctor agreed that signing-up with erbcare can give Peter the support he needs now.

Feeling Pressured

Linda is bothered by IBS-like symptoms. She sees a primary care physician on a regular basis, yet her quality of life is not as good as she thinks it could be. Linda signed up with erbcare to finally feel better.

Digestion Discomfort

Diane feels the aches and pains of getting older. Her first choice for minor aches are natural remedies. Diane signed up with erbcare to help her get more relief using herbs.

Aches and Pains

Anne finds it challenging to concentrate on her school-work. Her parents consulted with her pediatrician. Together they decided that the erbcare service and herbal teas would be a safe option to support her learning.

Focus and Concentration

Is erbcare right for me?

It's personal.

You receive a personal herbalist when signing up. We take the time needed to get to know you. Each herbal remedy is a custom preparation that we adapt monthly to your needs.

It's continuous.

We engage in a long-term healing relationship with you. Count on our support. Your personal herbalist will be there for you. Easily schedule monthly online consultations at times that are convenient for you.

It's natural.

Our herbal remedies are sourced from organic farms in Vermont when available. For all of our remedy preparations we take great care to ensure quality and sustainability.

About erbcare™

Local competence

erbcare is a Vermont company that builds on the competence of local herbalists and quality of local herbs. We are committed to nurture eco-systems that are trusting and healing.

US-wide service

erbcare is available to anyone in the US. We embrace the beneficial use of technology to connect you with your herbalist and to support a long-term healing relationship.


We care about the sustainable use of resources. Whenever feasible, our herbs are grown on organic farms in Vermont. Our online consultations minimize resources spent on travel.


erbcare facilitates a transformation that grounds healthcare in safe care. Our role is complementary and supportive by helping people regain and sustain well-being.